Do Good Deeds

The first of the Three Acts of Goodness, which leads to happiness for self and others is, Do Good Deeds. Doing good deeds is considered the easiest of the three acts because it can be practiced any time anywhere, includes all types of deeds that range from small to big, one off to regular, and can be directed towards others, yourself or the environment around. As long as the deed is done with a considerate and loving heart, and leads to happiness and comfort for others, it can be considered a Good Deed. Below are three main types of good deeds that can be practiced easily and frequently, that purify our minds and lead to much joy for everyone.

The Intention of Helping

Helping, when done with sincerity and consideration is always welcomed by others and is generally accepted with much gratitude and happiness. To provide real help, it must create for others, convenience, while taking away their stress and worries. True helping is more about the person we are helping and less about ourselves, and so we must place ourselves in their shoes, understand the situation from their perspective and really listen to what they think, feel and want. We can appreciate the beauty of helping by thinking about difficult and stressful situations that we experience and then imagining receiving considered, effective help from a genuine and honest person. This is the type of help we want to offer others, that leaves them feeling relieved and happy. By regularly helping people and looking for ways to enrich the lives of others, not only do we become very good at it, but we will also be surrounded by people who cherish our company and enjoy our presence.

The Beauty of Giving

Giving is another very practical and highly regarded Good Deed which creates much happiness for others as well as improves the overall positivity of the surrounding environment. The beauty of giving is that it is not limited to material things, but more often, it is the small intangible gifts that really touches the heart. For example, a genuine smile and greeting, a sincere pat on the back when someone is down, or an enthusiastic High 5 to share in someone’s joy or victory are all small forms of giving that shows someone you care. We don’t have to be rich or wealthy to practice giving. All we need is a kind and loving heart, coupled with a thoughtful, empathetic attitude. Instead of thinking big impressionable material gifts, we can consider smaller, more frequent ones that leave others feeling heard, cared about, and special. The practice of giving also promotes our cultivation of generosity and empathy which soothes our anxiety and afflictions caused by greed and selfishness.

The Importance of Learning

The last but perhaps most important good deed to practice and incorporate into our lives is the aspiration to learn and better ourselves. Only through learning and personal development are we able to equip ourselves with more ability and capacity to help others and give them exactly what they need. Because everyone is born differently, raised differently, and value and need different things, the more we learn and understand different cultures, values, and ways of thinking, the more we are able to approach and help different people. Someone who deeply appreciates the importance of giving and helping, and who takes doing good deeds seriously will unfailingly see the significance of continual learning. Learning can be fun, exciting and interesting, and as long as we maintain a humble and curious attitude, we can learn any time, anywhere, and from any situation.

Here are some examples of simple everyday good deeds that you can do right now:

1. Helping a friend in need

2. Volunteer at your local charity organization

3. Donate food to a homeless person

4. Take your parents out for dinner

5. Smiling and greeting your colleagues at work

6. Writing a letter of appreciation to a friend or family member

7. Donate blood

8. Do an online course to improve your knowledge about a topic of interest

9. Donate clothes you no longer need

10. Clean the house for your parents or grandparents

11. Take a walk around the park and just enjoy the nature

12. Cook a meal for someone you like

13. Donate some money to a charity organization of your choice

14. Improve your commitment to recycling

15. Do some exercise to keep you happy and healthy

16. Learn a new language

The power of doing good deeds cannot be overemphasized. Frequent practice of it will turn it into a habit by rewiring our mind to naturally think about doing things that benefit others. Consequently, it leads to happiness to everyone around which improves the quality of our lives. Not only that, but we also create positive relationships with everyone we meet which makes life that much more pleasant and meaningful.

May we move towards a culture that prioritizes doing good deeds and may we inspire each other to become kinder and happier people.

Thanks for reading 😊

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